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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year. Thanks to all that read my blog. Thanks for the support and encouragement.

Although, this blog is me flying by the seat of my pants. I will get better and reach more Mothers of felons and other partners.
I understand some of what you may be going through. Because I was also in your shoes and happen to be putting on a new pair as I communicate.

However, for the new year.  Let's make the changes to ours selves first. We need to be strong in the face adversity. Keep a open mind. No matter how bad the charges/or pending charges may sound. Or even the incarceration. Observe, first. Just what is happening. Love your self. And develop a plan on how to best handle the situation. As you learn all the facts.

Your child/ren will soon or latter, will be released.  And plans must be made as where they will stay, do you what to add and extra phoneline, your hurt feeling and etc. Love and communication will go along way.

See this time as a chance to grow, and learn, and it is. Si…

Interactive video

This link will show a timeline with history and incarceration.

Here is the history of the prisons and their supporters

Victim of Circumstances.

Since we are now victims of circumstances, what do we do? Fear and worry becomes the two companions that 
takes residency in our hearts. We become ashamed about what has happened in our family, and then we wonder where did we go wrong? I've heard of the women say this, as they tell their situation and their stories. At one time I was in that same boat. At that time I was going to college, working and raising my children.

You have no idea of the shame I felt when having to ask for time off from work to go to court. But it was those very things that I had to work through, my son was on a crime role, and I was in a fog. My first reaction was to just sit back and let the system teach him a lesson. A dear friend reminded me about something that I think a lot of you might be too young to remember or know anything about Jeffrey Darmer ( if spelled wrong, please forgive) the infamous Wisconsin murderer. He not only killed his victims, but he also froze some of them, or some may say he prese…

Life in general

To withdraw into a disconnected inner life that avoids key issues and leads nowhere. Whereas if you accept facing the world, then the world will make sure that you face yourself.
What do this really mean to you?  This is just a question. i know what is means in my life.