Happy New Year!

Happy New Year. Thanks to all that read my blog. Thanks for the support and encouragement.

Although, this blog is me flying by the seat of my pants. I will get better and reach more Mothers of felons and other partners.
I understand some of what you may be going through. Because I was also in your shoes and happen to be putting on a new pair as I communicate.

However, for the new year.  Let's make the changes to ours selves first. We need to be strong in the face adversity. Keep a open mind. No matter how bad the charges/or pending charges may sound. Or even the incarceration. Observe, first. Just what is happening. Love your self. And develop a plan on how to best handle the situation. As you learn all the facts.

Your child/ren will soon or latter, will be released.  And plans must be made as where they will stay, do you what to add and extra phoneline, your hurt feeling and etc. Love and communication will go along way.

See this time as a chance to grow, and learn, and it is. Since you will be discovering new things about your self and child/ren. Plus how strong your faith really is.

Worry and fear will not help. But research and understanding the criminal justice system will.
Happy New Year!

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