What are you going to say?

What are you going to say?

Just what are you going to say that day when you are going to court in support of your child/ren or love one?

As we both know that will not be easy for the victim, or for your self. You will have to make sure that you are security camera ready. Check with your local county court house to see the rules that apply to enter the building. Cause, this can only add to the tensions that will already be high. Especially, if this is a crime, that has involved individuals or property. Then the victim may have their family there and also supporters, media for their support.

So what do you say to the victim, the family and or, supporters? You both have been brought together on this chosen day in time. Being, brought together whether known or unknown by the force of the vary crime. Often, this meeting for the very first time in the courthouse, you will face your darkest night  And if it is a victim less case like drugs, burglary, just to name a few. You will still need to speak on the behalf of your child/ren or love one.

When, I had to face the people that my son tried to rob and shot at. I was devastated. All I could muster out of my mouth was I am sorry, to the victims, and quietly walked away. What else could I say, that relieve them of the sound of the shot gun blowing out their back seat window?
While, expecting the chance of being robbed at gun point, or even dying at that very moment was a great possibility, on that day, at that moment.

It was not until when all was said and done in court. And the question was asked did anyone want to speak. I took that chance. For after all the harm that was done, to all involved. I spoke. Whether they heard what I had to say. I spoke of the good that I had given my son. Yet, he had some how went, a stray. For I am a firm believer, that in order for a person to be rehabilitate. They need to know that there still is goodness in them.

Now after looking back at this situation, that could have gotten worst. I was blessed. He was removed from the street and placed in prison. Hopefully, he would see and reflect that I was trying my best to give him skills and a decent life. However, now he was going to have to use the skills and life lessons or developed some to use on his own. For now life was not going to be a bed of roses in prison. Plus this was a choice he had made for himself, and his family.

So, this just might be a time to say very little. Give your support for there are many things coming your way that you will be forced to deal with. Fear, worry and anxiety will be at your door. Do not let them stay. Prepare yourself, name calling only belittles a situation, it does not solve it.
Now for sure the facts that you are dealing, deal with your emotions and the tensions. Be prepared.

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