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Pleading guilty and what do it really mean?

It ‘s a well-kept professional secret that no lawyer knows more than a relatively infinitesimal part of the law, nor does any judge. Taken from “How to Find the Law”. Pleading guilty and what do it really mean? Well I have finally got over my son catching a case and plea bargaining. So now I am blogging about the experience. So just what does it mean to plead guilty, to a crime? And is there such thing as innocent? There are three primary sources of the law, statutes, judicial opinions and administrative regulations and adjudications (cited from “How to Find the Law”) The adversarial system is the two-sided structure under whichcriminal trialcourts operate that pits the prosecution against the defense. Justice is done when the most effective adversary is able to convince the judge or jury that his or her perspective on the case is the correct one. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) In  a guilty  plea or copping a plea. There are many faucets to the pleading, take for example: charg…