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HapppY New Year

As, we all watch this year comes to an end, and the new one is soon to come. I would like to say Thanks to all that have taken time out to read my blog.
I pray that I have not wasted your time. But have brought ideas and thoughts for change to make life better for all.
It is my hope as I journey on this trip of learning more about the justice system and myself. That I make the changes that need to be made in me to give to myself, family and community the best of all that I have to give. In, both words and deeds. Let my words be truthful and useful as I share my thoughts.
It is my hope and dream that as we all travel on the road of dealing with the criminal Justice system that we take a look not only is justice being served. But the part we play in the system. Are we contributing or a contributor? The effects having a love one come back home? And being ready if the ties were broken?
In the coming New Year, I hope to bring and support changes. Empower the ones whom need an ear. Explore new i…


Speaking with my oldest son the other day was every up lifting and enlightening for me.

It been a while since I have posted anything on the blog. Life got in the way of blogging. Since I do this in my spare time. And that has gotten very spare lately. Job moving me to a new location. Updating myself in the legal justice arena and finding a new love (literally).

But what that phone call from my son, was if a door into my world had open wide and understanding had walked in and took a seat. All the reason why the event that had come into my life made sense. The acting out, going to court, the feeling. All of it made sense. I am where I am suppose to be in life.

These thing happen for a reason not only for me to support others in the walk of shame of being in the position of being a Mother of a felon. But for my son to join me in enlightening others to the plight or fate in  this,life.

My son told me that many give up their right in the criminal justice system because we do not know the l…