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Right to work, in Wisconsin or not?

Right to work, in Wisconsin or not?
MOTHERS OF Felons had chance to talk Governor Scott Walker. In a brief conversation with the Governor Walker. A question was asked “If your vision is to move Wisconsin Forward what about the felons getting Pardons. Since “According to census data compiled by the Employment and Training Institute at the UW-Milwaukee in April, 12.8 percent of the state's African American men are behind bars — twice the national average and well ahead of second-place Oklahoma, where 10 percent of black men are incarcerated.”Read more:
Last week also, in the President’s state of the Union address. The president put in place the Opportunity Act. That would help the unemployed to find work and train and the underemployed to get a pay raise that are working for federal contractors. So like the …

Jurisdiction. Does the court you are in have it?

Motion of Discovery and inspection of evidence