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The Letter

Well my son calls the other day to tell me he would be sending me a letter and he needed a reply.

The letter and I would like to share my reply. After all this is for the Mothers and lovers and caregivers that will one day face this challenge. Whether you chose to or not. But you will do something like fasting and pray during this time period. Or do you go and ease your pain the best you know how. Or just roll with it and try to pay it off buying and attorney. Choices must be made. All should be thought over, Even the evidence, that your child's being accused of should examine.

Now If you don't remember the blog about my son before. It's titled "The Release".
Here is my reply to his request to say how I was victimized by his chemical use and criminal activity.
Many of us questions ourselves as to whether we have suffered from our children actions. Here can be the underlining causes why developed illness from covering up the pain, and humiliation of the…
A very Special Mothers Day to all the mothers and Lovers and Care Givers of Felons.

May you take some time out of this day to show love to yourself.

Treat your self well amd remember to Smile.

HAPPPY Mothers DaY!


It's been a while since I could deal with my thoughts, emotions and what else I was going through!

My oldest son caught a case once again. Well, of course, he being my child, I had and have to deal with the emotions of is he guilty or not. And when he tells the story he will always be innocent. Even though the courts have videos to say different.

Well, my point for writing this is to get out into the universe in order for me to release. To speak to other mothers, lovers and caregivers of felons. For the others, that might be going through the same thing. Plus taking the chance to see where is the positive in all of woes and worry of this matter. And the lessons I've learned from all of this. And my healing, to say the least. The stress of this matter can bring about dis ease.  If not dealt with properly, through proper diet. exercise the very things the wellness guru tell us to do.

However. with me reading over the charges against him. He sure didn't make look like a marty…