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Mothers of Felons is a support group that is dedicated to helping Mothers, lovers, and caregivers in finding the answers to advocate on the behalf of their child/ren, that are dealing or facing the criminal justice system.
This will be done with the help of Jack &Mildread 
a WATSON powered application.

WATSON is a technology that uses natural language processing and combines with machine learning that will compile resources to assist the Mothers, lovers, and caregivers in finding how to navigate the criminal justice system. 

We aim to help answer the questions you need now:
-What to look for in selecting an attorney. 
-How to locate your child/ren if they have been arrested in another state. 
-What are the city and county ordinances and State and Federal laws that effect the alleged crime
-What the collateral consequences of the crime.
-What is the difference in plea bargaining or going to trial. 

Money is needed to build Mothers of felons Jack &Mildread (WATSON powered application)…