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How Thought Manipulates Physical Reality! (Law Of Attraction)

Just thinking out loUd!

Tragedy in one's life is a signal for a life change. According to Hafeezah Ahmad, and her
 life 's story.

If you look up Tragedy in a financial dictionary there is no meaning for that word. However, we all go through some kind of tragedy in our lives. We as mothers of felons know that all too well.
8And having money at that tragedy moment that your child/children or love are facing jail time and prison can bring about hardships to a family. Like bail money, the visits to the jails or prison, buying food/snacks and gas just to name a few. Oh, How did I forget the time you have to take off from work?

But as synonyms for tragedy is: bummer, misfortune, catastrophe and a whammy just to name a few.

This situation can be turned around, in a success, for happiness, fortune, prosperity, and joy.

It is all based on how you deal with the feeling of tragedy. One way is to find out the insides and out of your child charges or crime. Also what can be the Collateral consequ…

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