Saturday, May 7, 2016

This Mother's Day 2016

This Mother's Day 2016 I am starting a new way of thinking about my life for I am going to embrace a NEW MOtto to strive for.

After all my life was hit with a shock, that was very upsetting for me. Then add the shame as an extra ingredient to what I was feeling because of what my son had done.

 Plus, this is the blog for the mothers, lovers and caregivers of felons to discuss how to better deal with this condition and not allow it to sicken us with worry and grief. There is research that stress can kill.

This is why I am choosing to not allow conditions to stop me from receiving all the greatness and goodness in life.  Mother's Day for me is like Spring, I am renewing myself. How are you going to renew yourself? Staying in the same mindset of feeling bad, sorry or shameful will improve if you move forward and change your thought process about the situation that you now find yourself in.

With that statement, I would like to say HaPPY Mother's day. And thanks for your time in reading my blog.

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