Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Letter

Well my son calls the other day to tell me he would be sending me a letter and he needed a reply.

The letter and I would like to share my reply. After all this is for the Mothers and lovers and caregivers that will one day face this challenge. Whether you chose to or not. But you will do something like fasting and pray during this time period. Or do you go and ease your pain the best you know how. Or just roll with it and try to pay it off buying and attorney. Choices must be made. All should be thought over, Even the evidence, that your child's being accused of should examine.

Now If you don't remember the blog about my son before. It's titled "The Release".
Here is my reply to his request to say how I was victimized by his chemical use and criminal activity.
Many of us questions ourselves as to whether we have suffered from our children actions. Here can be the underlining causes why developed illness from covering up the pain, and humiliation of their behavior or is it the other people faults. Whatever it is, not only do we need to question the criminal justice system but we need to question ourselves and the environment around us.

The Open Letter:

Dear Malik

May God's Peace and Blessing be with you, As always it is a great pleasure to hear from you.   And the fact that you are working on your self improvement.

All is well with me, plus we all will  be glad for your Home Coming.

Now to reply to your question "how I was Victimized by your chemical use and criminal activity". Well your chemical use I have no knowledge of that. But the criminal activity did hurt.  The money wasted on buying cars after you steal the car. The stealing of money That I saving for you'll future.
Robbing the gas station where I buy gas at. Then the feeling of being a real loser when I had to look in the face of the woman you almost took her life and for what? Drained that what I would feel at the end of all of this.

And the bad part you have missed the greatest part of being a family.  The family out ting and celebrations. And even your grandparents passing. Just to say the least.

At first I felt it was all my fault. After all I left your cheating father. But I could not have lived a lie for a life.
                           to be continit

Sunday, May 10, 2015

A very Special Mothers Day to all the mothers and Lovers and Care Givers of Felons.

May you take some time out of this day to show love to yourself.

Treat your self well amd remember to Smile.

HAPPPY Mothers DaY!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


It's been a while since I could deal with my thoughts, emotions and what else I was going through!

My oldest son caught a case once again. Well, of course, he being my child, I had and have to deal with the emotions of is he guilty or not. And when he tells the story he will always be innocent. Even though the courts have videos to say different.

Well, my point for writing this is to get out into the universe in order for me to release. To speak to other mothers, lovers and caregivers of felons. For the others, that might be going through the same thing. Plus taking the chance to see where is the positive in all of woes and worry of this matter. And the lessons I've learned from all of this. And my healing, to say the least. The stress of this matter can bring about dis ease.  If not dealt with properly, through proper diet. exercise the very things the wellness guru tell us to do.

However. with me reading over the charges against him. He sure didn't make look like a martyr.
And once again I am feeling like a loser.  And blame myself for all the reasons, one of not having enough money to live in a better neighborhood. Plus, what was my role in this matter? Victim or advocate? Since your love, one has made a choice either right or wrong. And now it is your turn as to how you will process the situation.

As a mother of a felon, I chose to not see myself as helpless or powerless. But as a crusader dealing with the life situation that I must face and others. We are not our children. For they have lives that they must live. And experiences that only they can go through. For there are lessons that they must learn.

Cause when I go over the situation he had placed his self in. I have to throw my hands up and thanks the invisible force that was with him that day the cops pulled him over in riot gear, with shots guns. For he could have been in that number of young black men shot by the police, unarmed.
He had no drugs or guns, in his possession.

But the police did have the evidence videotapes with him and the police informant. So he being guilty will be guilty as charged. They have it all on tape  However there are laws dealing with the use of video in making a case against a person. I was just surprised in the fact the casino that brought the charges against my son was allow three-time to come back with the actual tapes. Did you know that the taping of one voice is not allowed? See VideoUniversity website for more information and other articles at: http://www.videouniversity.com/articles/video-surveillance-laws/

Do the system prey on the weak and foolish with the temptation of a Good Life. Or the weak and foolish are their own Ermine's? For thinking that in the drug game, that there is a fortune to be had by them that take part in it?

However, as the one concerned with the situation like this, you can look at the transcripts of the charges. They can be found at the Clerk of Courts office.

Thanks for your time in this matter. What do you think or what have you experienced?

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