Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Is it your struggle or not?
As mothers lovers and caregivers  we do  ever. Do we wonder why this has happened to our child/ren or love ones?

Our children/love ones can be faced with charges. whether true are false you  should search and find out just your child/love one is being charged with.
More than 90% of cases do get plea bargained. And only 10% goes to trail. (That is, however, is a past blog article .)
Now with this case here.

The first one aresseted is my son. Whom if it was'nt for him I would not beleive this stuff is necessary.

. Without understanding the whole complex being of man, mere reformation will bring about only the confusing demand for further reforms. There is no end to reform; and there is no fundamental solution along these lines.  As stated in:

 Social-reforms aimed at establishing equality, breed other forms of antisocial activity; but with right education, there is no need to seek equality through social and other reforms, because envy with its comparison of capacities ceases. We must differentiate here between function and status. what do this really mean??????

What a great concept:  If the student is helped from the very beginning to look at life as a whole, with all its psychological, intellectual and emotional problems, he will not be frightened by it? Taken from
 The real struggle is for you, because now you have to deal with the aftermass.
This is how I deal with it. How do you?

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