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When interacting with the Police, in Wisconsin

FPC Informational Memorandum: Confirmation of Warrants Prior to Arrest
Under Wisconsin Statute Section 968.07, a law enforcement officer may arrest a person when the
law enforcement officer believes, on reasonable grounds, that a warrant for the person’s arrest
has been issued in this state. The information that a warrant for a person’s arrest may exist is
usually obtained when an officer “runs a wanted check” either via radio with the district station
console operator or through the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) laptop squad computer. The
district station console operator is usually a civilian office assistant with access to the National
Crime Information Center (NCIC), Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB), and local warrant
databases. Once the possibility of an existing warrant is identified through an initial check of the
databases by the console operator, it is the responsibility of the officer executing the warrant to
determine that the subject is the person for whom the wa…

Beliefs and Superstitions in the Law

Beliefs and Superstitions in the Law
There are many beliefs in the upholding of the law, of the criminal justice system. Such as if you do the crime, you must do the time. Crime does not pay. Yet there also exist the superstitions that locking up people will put an end to crime.  Couple with the belief that people are bad, not the system Now, if this was truly the case then. Why are there so many new laws on the books on how to lock people up? Since we can no longer convict people and burn then at the stake or cut off their head or hands for misdeeds neither.
 Who questions any of this? Or do we struggle with belief or superstitions when complying with the law.Here is a prime example; my sister got a parking ticket awhile back. But this was not just any old parking ticket that was just waiting on her car to be picked off the windshield of her vehicle.  Plus the place was once designated as no parking because it was a bus stop. This ticket was tucked in the windshield, to the point tha…