Monday, April 8, 2013

When, one may be accused of a crime.

When, one may be accused of a crime. Many times there will be charges, in the form of a ticket. That might carry jail/prison time at the sentencing. You will need to be able to read and know what your loved one is being charged with, or the allegations on that ticket or the charges. Even having someone to read them for you will be very helpful. This will be a very stressful time for you to endure. So enlist the help or support of others. And also do something that also brings a smile to your face such as reading a good book, getting a massage. Whatever, will work for you in getting a clear head, so as to be able to respond to the situation as it unfolds and not be stressed out.

 We are also living in a day and time where many of our children can not read. So if this is the case, in which if the accused (your child or love one) is dealing with or plus the prison system, where many discrepancy can happen. This can means, that your love ones may not know or be aware of the charges, or many charges, that they may be facing. Someone must know what that writing says on that piece of paper, and if even, or whether the charges are true of not.

 Based upon the assumption, that many of the attorneys, after passing the bar exam do not keep up with the changes in the law and what needs to be reformed. Yes, they required to do continuing education. We are also now there is the technology of surveillance cameras, social media and colloidal consequences that are the result the consequence that the crime carries. Certain felonies one may not be able to get a permit or license in certain trades. Or be eligible for financial aid, or even to vote. This is just to name a few of the new technology, and rules that have been put in place. Just where does your attorney or public defender stand in possessing knowledge in these areas of the law? This is what put a responsibility and important, to know if your child (ran) has commit or not commit the allegations/charges. Thus, in guarding against the possibility of being framed on charges or a set up, and yes, some of our children do commit crimes. But then there are also the ones where you must ask, are they really guilty? (I know I had to deal with that when I learn that my son had shot the people he was trying to rob, car window out.)

 Not to forget the adage that money talks. Yet, not many times in the legal system. It is not always about getting a private attorney vs. a public defender. But do keep in mind that the public defender is defending the public from your child. As with the lawyer their, place is to defend their client. T However, is some politicking going on behind the scene. Knowing what the charges are and what grounds are for the plea bargain are should lead in to picking the public defender or the lawyer. Also what are the charges and using Blacks Law to find the meaning of the words that are being used in the report and the charges.

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