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The Gaian Dragon: Conflict Resolution on the Higher Planes

The Gaian Dragon: Conflict Resolution on the Higher Planes: Joan Baez - Tears Of Rage (1968) Joshua Tree 2 Conflict Resolution on the Higher Planes by James Clair Lewis If a conflict is reso...
As stated in THINK AND gROW rICH:

"fear paralyzes the faculty of reason, destroys the faculty of imagination, kills off self-reliance, undermines enthusiasm, discourages initiative, leads to uncertainty of purpose, encourages procrastination, wipes out enthusiasm and makes self-control an impossibility. It takes the charm from one's personality, destroys the possibility of accurate thinking, diverts concentration of effort, it masters persistence, turns the will-power into nothingness, destroys ambition, beclouds the memory and invites failure in every conceivable form; it kills love and assassinates the finer emotions of the heart, discourages friendship and invites disaster in a hundred forms, leads to sleeplessness, misery and unhappiness-and all this despite the obvious truth that we live in a world of over-abundance of everything the heart could desire, with nothing standing between us and our desires, excepting lack of a definite purpose." 
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Shadow Government: Agenda 2030 The Internet Of Things....................