Monday, December 10, 2012

Victim of Circumstances.

Since we are now victims of circumstances, what do we do? Fear and worry becomes the two companions that 

takes residency in our hearts. We become ashamed about what has happened in our family, and then we wonder where did we go wrong? I've heard of the women say this, as they tell their situation and their stories. At one time I was in that same boat. At that time I was going to college, working and raising my children.

You have no idea of the shame I felt when having to ask for time off from work to go to court. But it was those very things that I had to work through, my son was on a crime role, and I was in a fog. My first reaction was to just sit back and let the system teach him a lesson. A dear friend reminded me about something that I think a lot of you might be too young to remember or know anything about Jeffrey Darmer ( if spelled wrong, please forgive) the infamous Wisconsin murderer. He not only killed his victims, but he also froze some of them, or some may say he preserved his victims, and if I'm not mistaken. He may have eaten some of them as well. Now if his mother showed up in court for him. "Then why not show up for your child? That question was the tipping point for me at that time. Most of the times. There are no mothers or anyone else in the court rooms showing some kind of support for that child. That young man or young woman with the chains on them is still our child. Your child.

It's now up to us to make sense of this horrible situation that the family has been thrown into it is also up to us to reform ourselves and learn from this life-changing experience.

This is when you ask yourself, what do I do. Where do I go, and am I the Blame for this new challenge. Remember prayers without action will only go so far. How you handle yourself and your reactions to the matter is most important. If at all possible. Keep a diary writing helps, the soul. Writing onto paper can often be a great relief. 

Don't worry if you can't spell that well. Is that  what texting is all about. Write, and release those feelings of guilt and anguish. Blaming oneself and bathing in grief can and will make one sick and very weary. There is no time for that now, you need your health and strength for all the things that are about to happen. Since, you are a victim of circumstances, you will have to work on the outcome and get involved. Learn and move forward.

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