Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Teaching moments

Yesterday a friend and I went to the movies. After the movies we went to the store since it was so close to the show. After spending our time shopping, it time to go back to our perspective places, our homes.

Upon retuning to the car to load it with our buying. We were approached by a woman and her young teen son. Asking for money to buy a gas can and gas. Now my mind flips on. Thoughts of what the .... is this all about? Why would you leave home knowing that the gas light is on?  Should we live life depending that strangers will always be there to back us up?

We are in the parking lot of a big box mega store parking lot. And this woman came to the store to beg for gas money to buy a gas can and gas.

What value are we teaching our child/ren? Teaching them to be beggars. Or, I am I so old school that I do not see this as a new way of helping? Or am I just so paranoid, with the fear of being rob in the parking?

After all I am a mother of a felon.

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