Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What do these numbers tell us?


According to a study by OJP’s Bureau of Justice Statistics, approximately 7.1 million men and women were under adult correctional supervision in the nation’s prisons or jails or on probation or parole at year end 2010. About 70 percent (4.9 million) of the adults under correctional supervision at yea rend 2010 were supervised in the community (either probation or parole) while 30 percent (2.2 million) were incarcerated in the nation’s prisons or jails. At year end 2010, approximately one in every 33 adult U.S. residents was under community supervision or incarcerated. An estimated 962 inmates per 100,000 adult U.S. residents were incarcerated in state or federal prison or in local jails at year end 2010. (Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics, Correctional Population in the United States, 2010, December 2011)

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