Monday, March 18, 2013

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Reentry Facts

  • State and federal prisons held approximately 1,598,780 prisoners at the end of 20111 — approximately one of every 107 U.S. adults.2
  • At least 95 percent of state prisoners will be released back to their communities at some point.3
  • During 2011, 688.384 sentenced prisoners were released from state and federal prisons.4
  • Approximately 9 million individuals are released from jail each year.5
  • At the end of 2011, 4,814,200 adults - one in fifty U.S. adults - were on probation, parole, or other post-prison supervision. Approximately 853,900 were on parole.6
  • In a study that looked at recidivism in over 40 states, more than four in 10 offenders returned to state prison within three years of their release.7
  • In 2011, parole violators accounted for 30.8 percent of all prison admissions, 33 percent of state admissions, and 7.9 percent of federal admissions.8
  • During 2011, approximately 12% of parolees were re-incarcerated. Eight percent of parolees were re-incarcerated due to parole violations and revocations, and 3% of parolees were re-incarcerated for new offenses.9

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