Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Speaking with my oldest son the other day was every up lifting and enlightening for me.

It been a while since I have posted anything on the blog. Life got in the way of blogging. Since I do this in my spare time. And that has gotten very spare lately. Job moving me to a new location. Updating myself in the legal justice arena and finding a new love (literally).

But what that phone call from my son, was if a door into my world had open wide and understanding had walked in and took a seat. All the reason why the event that had come into my life made sense. The acting out, going to court, the feeling. All of it made sense. I am where I am suppose to be in life.

These thing happen for a reason not only for me to support others in the walk of shame of being in the position of being a Mother of a felon. But for my son to join me in enlightening others to the plight or fate in  this,life.

My son told me that many give up their right in the criminal justice system because we do not know the language that is used in the court. Or do we understand the sysblomlism of the courts. While there are many young adults that graduate from high school. And many that drop out of school although. The language do not change to address these very facts.

In fact, as I stated that in my last blog about Plea Bargaining. It is the very basic fact the we give away our rights because of fear that justice will not be served and will have the book throw at us if we face a jury. There are many document cases where movies have been made based on these people being innocent and spending a month to several years in jail. And were in fact innocent of the crime that they were accused of.

My son went on to say that he now understands that language is very important especially when dealing with the criminal justice system. You must know and understand what you or your love is agreeing to except in the  plea deal. You Must look up the words that are being used. Fear must not be your companion in this matter.

Such as when one asked, if you understand, just what do that mean? What are they trying to get you or them to agree to, with when asking you if you understand?  Plus be prepared that if you question the process that retaliation might be part of the process to put fear into you.

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