Thursday, March 17, 2016

Just in a day's work.

While working the other day at the Homeless Veteran Stand Down I had a chance to meet a remarkable young man that represented and agency that I had not heard of. When he explain just what they did, I felt that I needed to share the mission of the group and the wonderful things that they do in helping  individuals, 17 and older. That might be at risk of going to jail for breaking rules as they are related to the City of Milwaukee ordinance violations, which is about eight hundred and some paged document.
Check it out:

This wonderful agency is Justice Point Municipal Court Alternatives Program.
However, they do not represent individuals in criminal cases. Yet the services that they provide are many, such as evaluations to identify appropriate recommendations for fines with jail alternatives. community service referrals to nonprofit organizations. Referrals for mental health and/or substance abuse treatment. Referrals for employment services.Court recommendations for alternatives to satisfy unpaid fines  and resolve outstanding warrants. This is just a few the services that they can provide.

As Mothers, lovers and caregivers of felons, we need to exam all the resources that are available in the community. This also helps with our own healing by bringing solutions to having a child, lovers or love one who is now facing having their freedom reduced. Plus many time troubles are a sign that we all must change. Each person taking a loving look inside of one's self. And the worry and shame one must face. Yet you are no longer feeling like a victim. Knowledge is power as the story goes. Yet is applies knowledge that really gets the job done.

So with that said. Let's go and search for the solutions for the injustices that have been committed. To make this world a better world and lose the worry and the woe is me attitude. Arm ourselves with grace, knowledge and love. Find out the truth of the situtation and go forth.

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